Crazy ‘liberal’ in Japan

As Russian invasion of Ukraine has become even more intense, condemnations against Russia also have got stronger and widespread all over the world.

But in Japan, we can find some queer opinion leaders who earnestly condemn not Russia, but Ukraine.

Senile commentators condemn Ukraine


This aged famous commentator (known to be strongly ‘progressive’ and ‘liberal’ for decades) insists that Ukraine should be blamed for this Russian military action because Ukraine’s poor handling of political situation between NATO and Russia has caused Russia to take those extreme measures.

ウクライナ戦争の責任はアメリカにある!――アメリカとフランスの研究者が(遠藤誉) - エキスパート - Yahoo!ニュース

This audacious professor of some international relationship or something goes so far as to insist that U.S.(not Russia!!) should be truely responsible for this matter.

Yeah, say whatever…there may be professors and professors.

Doctrinaire politicians vote against the condemnation bill

More clever activists use different logic.
This knuckleheaded politician (from Reiwa sinsen party, known as one of the most  ‘liberal’ party in Japan) proudly declares against the vote of condemnation against Russia in Japanese Diet.

He explains that it’s time to ‘act in real’ so we shouldn’t use any energy for mere words.

But his words sound rather vague, just repeating same ‘liberal cliché’ like
‘we should understand the importance of world peace’,
‘we should talk and cooperate with people all over the world’,
‘we should respect different cultures around the world’.

But I have never heard those ‘liberals’ explain what we shall do in real.

In fact they just vote against any bill introduced by other parties and stick to their own political daydream of ‘world peace by demilitarization.

In their theory we can achieve world peace just by demilitarize ourselves and ‘talk with each other’.

They just chant ‘the importance of world peace’ and praise the defenseless policy of Japanese ‘pacifistic’ constitution.

Maybe they never care about what is going on in Ukraine, nor how many citizens have been massacred there.

They just love their ‘liberal’ sayings.

Socrates in Yahoo Japan comments

More malicious opinion makers insist that we should not get involved in any international conflict, nor should believe one side, saying that we should hear from the another side.

Some even take a skeptical view of what has been reported by Ukraine and ‘western’ countries, insisting that any news can be ‘fake’.


↑Yahoo has deleted the article very rapidly. I’m not sure if they’re checking this humble blog…(of course they won’t, never !)

What a great Socrates !! Yes, we can doubt everything if we want to.

Now you can find so many Socrates in comments on Yahoo Japan.

I’m not sure those crazy comments are really posted by individual or by some organization.

Of course they have their own right to doubt any facts reported in Ukraine or Uigur. But strange to say, they never cast doubt on what those countries like Russia or China say.

Their skepticism never go beyond ‘western’ countries and their medias.

Maybe their eyes shall never see what they don’t want to see.

Good Socrates.


I’ve had enough. There’s no room for any Socrates.