queer news in Japan


Can Russia be a ‘victim’ of NATO’s strategy ?

Again here comes a queer opinion maker in Japan, who claims that Russia may be a 'victim' of Western countries. ...
queer news in Japan

About Yukkuri movie incident

What is ‘Yukkuri movies ‘ ? Have you ever seen ‘Yukkuri movie’ ? ‘Yukkuri movie’ is one of the most popular ways...

Crazy ’liberal’ media in Japan

I've already written so much about  japanese 'Socrates' , but here's another outrageously 'liberal' Socrates. Thi...

Crazy ‘liberal’ in Japan

As Russian invasion of Ukraine has become even more intense, condemnations against Russia also have got stronger and wid...
queer news in Japan

Uncomfortable Socrates in Japan

I have never imagined so many Socrates are still living in Japan. Following my recent article, Socrates after Socrate...

Woe betide Vladimir Putin !!

It is an awful tragedy for all mankind living on this earth to have this shameless, stinking, cracked nut;Vladim...
queer news in Japan

What is ‘TOEIC’ test?

Have you ever heard about 'TOEIC' test ? In this article I will explain what is TOEIC all about and how it is...