Can Russia be a ‘victim’ of NATO’s strategy ?

Again here comes a queer opinion maker in Japan, who claims that Russia may be a ‘victim’ of Western countries.


Using what is called ‘yukkuri-voice’ , an anonymous wannabe-critic youtuber dares to allege that some munition industry in western countries can be a true culprit which has urged Russia to this desperate invasion into Ukraine.

He (or she) says that since the beginning of the war a lot of munition has been provided to Ukraine by western countries, whose munition companies should have earned enormous amount of money.

He concludes that this ‘fact’ shows that western munition companies are the true culprit and Russia is a ‘victim’ of NATO’s strategy.

What a good evidence !!

So in his theory police officers can be the true culprit of each crime because they get salary by their job and firefighters should have incited fire.

Ah…maybe so, maybe. I know some people like conspiracy theory. Anyone can say anything in free countries.

But where is the evidence ?

He talks a lot about ‘real’ situation of munition industry and shows off his detailed knowledge about various kinds of weapons and international politics, but he never shows his evidence.

Maybe this critic-like youtuber just wants to show that he can put so different point of view from other youtubers, so that he can get more ‘views’ and subscribes.

But how dare you can say that Russia is a ‘victim’ in front of these factual evidences ? (Caution:these footage can include offensive scenes)

Maybe he gets more ‘views’ and foolish subscribers and he don’t care other things.

What a shame.  Shame of Japan. Sucks.