Crazy ’liberal’ media in Japan

I’ve already written so much about  japanese ‘Socrates’ , but here’s another outrageously ‘liberal’ Socrates.

その数6000以上… ウクライナ侵攻でロシアへの経済制裁はどこまで許されるか(デイリー新潮) - Yahoo!ニュース

This author insists that we should reconsider what sanctions are ‘allowed’ for us. In his opinion, though 6,000 or more sanctions have been put on Russia few of them seem effective and we should ask ourselves ‘Should everything be allowed for us against Russia just because it did bad things?’   And he proposes that we should make ‘rules’ for possible sanctions so that we don’t damage the economy of Russian people…

I have no words.

What ‘rule’ can be possible for countries like Russia?

They have done whatever cruel things which our human brain can ever imagine.

Perhaps this author knows politics or world history or international something very much. (In fact he is a consultant in some famous research laboratory and a ex-high-ranking official in Japan !!)

But I dare say, ‘Where have gone your both eyes ? Haven’t you ever seen what have happened in Ukraine ??’

Maybe these ‘intelligent’ people never see the world as it is, but just see what they ‘want’ to see, that is, those things which suit their political creeds.

They shall never see what is really happening in Ukraine.

Maybe they’re intelligent and know much better than us, but for what ? For their own beautiful ‘liberal’ ideals ?

What a great super-philosophy !!


Again here comes the fishy ‘liberal’ question. ‘Should everything be allowed for us against Russia just because it did bad things?’ 

Definitely yes, we shall.

Rather, why not ?  They just deserve it.

We’ve had enough.